Pakistan: The Language Conundrum

Catholic leaders in Pakistan have been making efforts to help people tide over the language barrier and to get a good grip on theology and to grow in faith.

Father Emmanuel Asi, a renowned theologian, has been running a school, Maktaba-e-Anaveem Pakistan (MAP or People’s Forum for Contextual Theology), since 1989.

Based at the Theological Institute for Laity at Sadhoke in Punjab province, the MAP has been publishing books in Urdu on theological topics, written by both religious and lay people. It also organises training and formation in contextual theology and encourages discussions on theological themes. 

“Language is an integral part of any culture. A language cannot be separated from a culture,” Asi says.

Over the years, a lot of English literature has been translated into Urdu. “But more work needs to be done on theology formation in seminaries and formation houses,” he said.

Source: UCANews

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