Palawan, Philippines: Interfaith Clean-up

“This interfaith project is our little way to respond to Pope Francis’ call to care for the earth, our common home,” Palawan Bishop Socrates Mesiona said in a statement.

“Common home means all peoples, regardless of religion or religious affiliation, the earth is the home of all mankind. So, all of us must take care of the earth.” 

Bishop Mesonia also said the project was intended to send a message to all Filipinos, Catholic and non-Catholic, to denounce the “throwaway culture” of today’s society.

“We easily throw away things because we buy too much. We consume too much. There is a strong link between consumerism and garbage. We may have different religions. We may have different beliefs. But we live in the same world. Hopefully, we will all imbibe the spirituality of protecting the environment,” the bishop said.

Muslim leader Hadji Arturo Suizo said Islam pays great attention to the cause of protecting the environment.“Allah created humans to be guardians of his creation.  Nature does not belong to us. It is just entrusted to us by Allah for safe-keeping,” he said.

“The world is green and beautiful, and Allah has appointed you [Muslims] his guardian over it. This is according to the teachings of the prophet Muhammad.” 

Source: UCANews

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