Parish Day at St Francis of Paola, Kinshasa, DR Congo

People in our Parish are experiencing some prolonged conflicts between
the Bateke and Bayaka and some politically, socially and economically
instigated conflicts. In spite of these challenges, all Christians of
St. Francis of Paola (a parish which is located about 80km from the
DRC capital, Kinshasa, which is one of the most impoverished parishes
hanging on the fringes of the city) came together with love to
celebrate their Parish Day. The Church was too small to accommodate
even half of the people. Most of the people were outside.

In fact, it was a very successful and fruitful day. It was a celebration
that brought hope to all Christians, although we have different tribes
in our parish including Bateke and Bayaka, we are all united in the
same family.  It was a moment to celebrate communion of our different
communities and reflect on our sense of fellowship, belonging,
and participation.

After Mass, we had different competitions. Our five choirs from
different mission stations competed among themselves and received some
gifts. We were also entertained by some comedians from Kinshasa and
a fashion show from the teenage mothers.

We were also blessed by the presence of the Sacred Heart Choir from
the Diocese of Basankusu, they operate in Kinshasa, two priests from
Basankusu, Radio-Maria, (a Catholic Radio) and some local leaders.

May God continue protecting and blessing our apostolate in St. Francis of Paolo!

Patrick Lonkoy Bolengu, MHM.

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