17th February 2020

Philippines: ‘500 years of Christianity’ Logo Explained

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Christianity was brought to the Philippines in 1521 when the Portuguese explorer, Ferdinand Magellan, landed there, heading a Spanish expedition in his bid to reach the East Indies, sailing west.

The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) has released the official theme and logo for the 500th anniversary of the arrival of Christianity in the country which will be marked in 2021.

The theme and logo of the celebration, dubbed “500YOC”, was approved by the members of the permanent council of the CBCP on Sept. 18.

“Gifted to Give”, taken from Matthew’s Gospel (10:8), is the theme for the celebration.

In a statement, Father Marvin Mejia, secretary-general of the conference, identified the various elements of the logo, including a cross, a ship, the sun, a rosary, among others.

The cross planted by Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan on the island of Cebu signifies Christianity and serves as the mast of a ship.

Source: Vatican News

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