Philippines: A Heart-Rending Holy Week Reflection on the Fate of Numerous Filipino Women

On the first Good Friday, Jesus was condemned, persecuted, made to carry the Cross, ridiculed, whipped, fell three times, met his mother, helped by Simon to carry the cross, wiped by Veronica, stripped of his garments. 

His ordeal was a glaring demonstration of abuse of authority and power and of the callousness of those who participated in his crucifixion. 

There should be no room for the same extrajudicial execution that Christ painfully underwent in a country like ours which claims to have commemorated its 501st year of Christianity.

Yet, not unknown to many, the present administration has callously killed thousands of Filipinos who, in the name of drugs, were condemned to death without due process.

Wives have been widowed because of the extrajudicial killings of their husbands. Children have been orphaned due to the brutal deaths of their fathers. Mothers have lost their children on the mere suspicion of them being drug users, dealers and pushers. These consequently mean not only loss of lives but also of sources of livelihoods for the victims who are deprived of their lives, jobs, loved ones and everything they hold dear. 

Source: UCANews

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