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Philippines: Call to Mission at the Heart of Year Jubilation

The Catholic Church in the Philippines is opening the new liturgical year (First Sunday of Advent) with a call for all Filipino Catholics to become missionaries ad intra (locally) and ad extra ( globally) with joy and mercy as missionary traits. This is to celebrate the Year of Missio ad Gentes in commemoration of the 500 years (1521-2021) of Christianity in the country.

During this whole year of jubilation, all Filipino Catholics are to be animated by their dioceses and parishes with programs and activities which promote mission as the avenue for joyful proclamation of the Gospel and mercy being the beating heart of mission.

As a way of thanking God for having gifted with missionaries in the past and into the present day, the Filipino Catholics are being called to give back and to support the missionary activities of the Catholic Church, locally and globally.

Mario M. Dimapilis MHM

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