Iloilo, Philippines: Good Friday Celebration Prompts Personal Reflection

It’s been 2 years now since the people here in Iloilo haven’t had a proper Easter Triduum the way they would wish to due to the COVID-19 restrictions. However, we thank God that cases have dropped considerably and the restrictions lifted.

Yesterday, I joined in the celebrations at San Lorenzo Ruiz parish, which was founded by our Mill Hill Missionary, Fr. Harry Smithuis mhm. The Church was packed full of the faithful who later on went out for the traditional procession with the images of the different scenes of the Passion of Christ.

I joined in the service and I just imagine how happy Fr. Harry would be to see the seed that he planted has blossomed and bears such great fruits.

I talked to some of the parishioners who still have amazing and such happy memories of Fr. Harry and they express missing him so much.

This was such an inspiration to me, a young Mill Hill Missionary who still has a lot ahead.

When, God willing, I retire and look back at my life as a Mill Hill Missionary, what seed would I be proud of planting for my years as an active Mill Hiller?

Tony Emeka MHM

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