Philippines: Honouring Mill Hill Missionaries’ Educational Contribution

Education is one of the many legacies of Mill Hill Missionaries in the Philippines. It is one of the specialized missionary ministries that thrived on the Island of Panay for over a hundred years. In Antique, Philippines, particularly in Saint Anthony’s College, founded and built by Mill Hill Missionaries, there is a tradition of naming the buildings and other facilities like the hall and sports complex after the names of Mill Hill Missionaries, who made remarkable contributions to the progress and development of the college.

Today’s blessing of the four classrooms in the newly constructed Mill Hill Philippines Building is the latest addition to this tradition. This new building and classrooms are for the students and my fellow nursing instructors of the Nursing Department of Saint Anthony’s College. We are grateful for these facilities that help us continue the specialized ministry of Mill Hill Missionaries in educating young people to become productive citizens with love and service at their best.

Mario Dimapilis, MHM 


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