Philippines: How Young Catholics Live Their Faith

In my case, religious transformation happens right under our noses. If you talk to adult lay Catholics and Catholic priests about their thoughts on the Catholic youth today, they will simply say that youth are not as religious as their parents — they do not go to church anymore, they are immoral, and they make bad choices about premarital sex and so forth. They would also say that today’s Catholic youth are more inclined to liberal values. These observations seem to establish that the Catholic Church has failed to keep youth in the fold.

But when you talk to these young people, they will surely say they are Catholic, but they do not necessarily go to church every Sunday, for example. But they believe that they are more Catholic. My research shows that young Filipino Catholics are not losing their faith, but they are embracing the faith in a way that concerns them more. And this is what our religious leaders need to recognize.

Source: UCANews

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