Philippines Marcos Election Victory: Socio-Political Formation Sorely Wanting

Lawyer Antonio La Viña, former dean at the School of Government of the Jesuit-run Ateneo de Manila University, said “propaganda and fake news” contributed to the success of Marcos’ campaign.

He said the “Church has failed to keep the morality of the people aligned in the height of disinformation.”

“The disconnect here is they see the moral values in Marcos … because of the disinformation that has been built up for years,” he said.

Although the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines issued pastoral letters on the election, La Viña said “letters and homilies, no matter how strong the messaging is, are not enough.”

“What’s missing here is the endorsement of the Church as an institution and their efforts to evangelize people and teach them the application of this morality,” he said.

Unlike the Iglesia ni Cristo, Catholic Church leaders should have gone out to keep the people’s political discipline in check, said La Viña.

“They should have made sure that the people understand what they’re doing, their moralities, and this way, they could’ve countered the fake news,” he said.

Source: Licas News

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