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Philippines: Mill Hill Missionaries Hand Over Historical Parish

On 4th of July 2021, Fr. Benny P. Quinto, MHM, the Society Representative in the Philippines, said goodbye to the parishioners of St. John Nepomuceno Parish, Anini-y in the Diocese of San Jose de Antique. He did this on behalf of all Mill Hill missionaries, both dead and alive, who worked in the parish for more than one hundred years, since 1908.  During the 9 am Mass, the parishioners gave him a send-off as their last Mill Hill missionary parish priest.

The Parish Pastoral Council chairperson, Mr. Willie Eimar, on behalf of all parishioners, expressed their appreciation and gratitude for everything that the Mill Hill missionaries had done that had touched their lives and promoted their growth as people of God. Bishop Marvyn A. Maceda, the bishop of the Diocese, recognized the invaluable contribution and legacy which the Mill Hill missionareis bequeathed to the parish and the parishioners.

The parish, being a cultural heritage site (because of the more than a century old Spanish baroque church, and other historical remnants in the area, is one of the main reasons why the Diocese decided to take over the parish). The chairperson of the Diocesan Commission on Culture and Church Heritage (DCCCH) assumed the responsibility as the new parish priest.

The departure from Anini-y parish opened up a way to the return of Mill Hill missionaries to their former parish, the St. Vincent Ferrer Parish in San Remigio, which is in the mountainous side of the province of Antique. Fr. Caspar Rietbergen was the last Mill Hill missionaries who worked there until 2012.

All God’s blessings Mill Hill Philippines in your new missionary ventures in San Remigio.

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