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Philippines: National Human Rights Consciousness Week

As the human rights community starts to commemorate National Human Rights Consciousness Week from Dec. 4-10, it is meaningful to pay tribute to the hundreds of desaparecidos in the Philippines. 

To mention a few names, we remember Father Rudy Romano, Father Nilo Valerio, Romeo Legazpi, Jonas Burgos, Darryl Fortuna, Karen Empeno, Shirley Cadapan and Elena Tijamo. The list is endless.

Today is the National Day of Prayer for the Disappeared and the week culminates with International Human Rights Day on Dec. 10.

For and to the desaparecidos, we pray for truth, for justice and for an end to this scourge. We likewise pray for a human rights culture to reign in our land, especially during this time of pandemic.

Source: UCANews

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