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Poem: I take a Knee


To the Almighty God!
To Jesus on the Throne, on the Cross!
To Jesus in the Eucharist and in the Elders!

I take a knee for the poor, for the sick, for the marginalized!
I take a knee for the oppressed and the unevangelized!
I take a knee for carers and mothers,
For labourers and toilers in the hot sun or heavy rains!
I take a knee for the uninformed, the unemployed and the underpaid!
For the burdened of sin, sickness, crime, addict and the maimed!

To take a knee is noble – literally or figuratively – with the knee or with the heart!
The knee of prayer, adoration, lament, silence, resonance, resilience, empathy!
I take a knee for reconciliation, forgiveness, healing, peace!
I take a knee at every glimpse of love, joy, glory!

Oh the knee of the priest, of the nun!
Oh the knee of the cleaner or the prayer!
Oh the knees of the suffering, of the lover, of the server!

I take a knee everyday – I take a knee everyday !
The knee of prayer, of adoration, of lament, of silence every day!
I take a knee of resonance, of resilience, of empathy every day!

Emmanuel Mbeh, 28/07/2020.