Poem: We The Seeds

I think I found my way of Loving and Serving people. I have written a poem called ‘WE THE SEEDS’ mentioning the Mill Hill Missionaries are the seeds who love and serve people in our own ways possible. The poem has cross reference to the Parable of the Sower from Gospel of Matthew chapter 13.
The work you ( all Mill Hill Missionaries) do is commendable and way beyond my words. To cut a long story short, whatever the case whether we stand still or not but the work which Mill Hill Missionaries have done so far is great and I do believe that you have sowed the seeds of love and one day those seeds will turn out to plants and bear fruits of kindness, compassion, and moreover love. It is a cycle.
Now that I am out of Mill Hill Missionaries, I thank you all for making me a person who I am today.
Madasi Kartheek (Former Mill Hill Missionary student)

We the Mill Hill Missionaries are the seeds

in the field of earth, accumulated with weeds

we are the people in the missions who leads

the people who are missing basic needs

on the Word of God who feeds


seeds turn to plants along weeds and bear fruits

from fruits again seeds that turn to plants

journey goes on and on like wheels

treading the journey which spreads miles and miles

proclaiming the word of God to the lives


we are the people who cleaves

the darkness of death with the sword of Jesus

the master and Lord of all who in Him believes

will guard all who in prayer seeks

the help to be in union with Him for ages


we with the self sacrificial robes are decked

though by the worldly enjoyments are mocked

not giving up preaching the God who was pierced

and for our sins He on the Cross died

once and for all He, the humanity revived


we preaching God die and be dust

like the seeds that give lives to the rest

generations come and die but preaching God is must

we love and serve the people at our best

with whom lives the risen Christ

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