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Pope Francis: Christian Prayer Flows from the Heart

In his catechesis, Pope Francis said prayer involves the most intimate mystery of our being. Christian writers have always said prayer is “born within the secrecy of our beings, in that interior place called the ‘heart’.”

Our emotions, intelligence, and body all participate in prayer, though prayer cannot be identified with any one aspect of our being. “Every part of the human person prays,” he said.

Source: Vatican News

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Prayers for the Pandemic: for those who are anxious

God of Gethsemane,
who knew deep anxiety,
the desire for the cup to be taken away,
your sweat dropping onto the clay of earth like blood,
be with those who suffer at this time
from anxiety, the fear of their world
running out of control.
The facts alone
fan the embers of anxiety
in all of us: the grim daily numbers,
the fear of falling ill, of facing our end.
In our loneliest darkness,
in the night of our Gethsemane,
may we find you there.

Raymond Friel

Source: Redemptorist Publications

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