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Pope Francis in New Book: Let Us Dream

The author describes the work as Francis’ “spiritual guidance for a world in crisis, a personal manifesto for profound social change, and a summons to each person to choose a better future.”

In a press release, the text is said to address: the anti-racist protests over the death of George Floyd, and the toppling of statues and attempts at “purifying” history; Why Pope Francis thinks women in the crisis have proved better leaders, and why female economists offer a blueprint for the new kind of economy the crisis shows we need; the origins of the abuse crisis in the Church – and the parallels with the #MeToo movement.

Moreover, it discusses: “why change can only come from the margins of society – and a politics centered on fraternity and solidarity; polarization in Church and society, and how differences can be made fruitful; Why the Pope favors a Universal Basic Income, and strong curbs on a neo-liberal market; economy to enable access to work and greater equality, and ecological recovery; the need for a new kind of politics beyond managerialism and populism rooted in service of society and the common good; and the origins of the environmental crisis.

Source: Zenit

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