Pope Francis’ Love Letter to the Peoples of the Amazon: A Moving Reflection

As we are on the road, I start reading a good number of articles, previews and reflections about this, and most of them come from elsewhere, from all around the world. This is good in a way, but then I start sensing again and again the lack of understanding in commentaries that are not truly concerned with the Amazon and its peoples. The reflections are mostly focused on an obsessive concern with the implications of this exhortation for the universal church, rather than its true impact in the lives of those communities here in the Amazon, suffering and wishing to deepen their faith life in a more connected way with their cultural and ancestral identities.

This was to be expected of course, but this ghost, and this feeling we experienced during the assembly in October, comes back again. The words that come to mind as I read most of those pieces are the same words that came to mind during our stay in Rome: disconnection, self-affirmation, Eurocentrism, incomprehension, incompatibility.

Moreover, the pieces demonstrate a disrespect for the central focus of this synod — the lives and the future of the peoples in the Amazon.

Source: NCR

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