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Pope Francis: The Difficult Art of Discernment

On of the proposals that was most heatedly debated, both inside and outside the synod hall, was the possibility of ordaining married men into the priesthood to try to address the shortage of priests in the region.

In the note published by Spadaro, Francis writes that sometimes the “bad spirit” ends up “conditioning discernment, favoring ideological positions (on both sides), favoring exhausting conflicts between sectors and, what is worse, weakening the freedom of spirit so important for a synodal journey.”

When this happens, the pope continues, an atmosphere is created that ends up “distorting, reducing and dividing the synodal hall into dialectical and antagonistic positions that do not help in any way the mission of the Church.”

This means that everyone ends up “entrenched in ‘his truth,’ becoming a prisoner of himself and his positions, projecting his own confusions and dissatisfactions into many situations. Thus, walking together becomes impossible.”

Source: Crux

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