Prayer for Peace: From Holy Family Church Gaza

Hello everyone, I am Sister María del Pilar.
On behalf of all of us here in the parish, the majority of Christians in Gaza, we want to thank you for your constant concern and prayers.

The situation throughout the Gaza Strip is critical, with bombings occurring incessantly. Throughout the Strip, there is a lack of everything, from water, food, fuel, medicine, shelters…

We, that is, all religious and lay people, pray without ceasing for Peace, for the end of the war and so that all the aid can reach all those in need, whether they are in the North or the South of Gaza.

At the same time that we thank the Holy Father for his closeness, in his person we thank all those who pray and work for Peace.

We want to pray to the Virgin together with the entire community this prayer so loved by all our children: Under your protection we take refuge Holy Mother of God and the prayer of Saint Francis of Assisi, with an antiphon in Arabic that says: Lord of Peace, Give us Peace, put peace in our hearts.

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