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Praying with Mark’s Gospel

Speaking about his ‘cross’, what did he mean? Till this moment we have heard that Jesus did Messianic work by healing people, and how the religious leaders of his days turned against him. The Pharisees were always complaining to him (2:16, 18:24). Finally they discussed with the Herodians how to destroy him (3:6). Later, we will hear that the Scribes walk from Jerusalem to Galilee for three days to accuse him of being the worst devil of all (3:22-30), and that his family thinks that he is out of his mind (3:20-21)! What must this have meant to Jesus? We hear that today. He calls it his ‘cross’: being repaid with hatred and humiliation for doing good.

But it will not stop him. That is ‘renouncing himself’ and renouncing all the negative and painful feelings which could show up in his heart, and ‘taking up’ his cross. Doing good is, will be and must be the most important thing and it has to be continued, in spite of all the negative reactions and in spite of all the pain which it brings to himself. That is the way God thinks (cfr.vs.33).

After me

Jesus says to Peter, ‘After me!’ (vs.33). With these same words he had called Peter when he invited him to follow (01:17). May we conclude that this story is a (repetition of the) vocation story?

Source: Jesuits in Britain

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