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Prof Charles Nyamiti ‘Ancestor’ of African Theology has Died

“He was an ancestor in several ways. First of all, he is an ancestor in African Theology because he was one of the initiators of that genre of doing theology,” Fr. Laurenti Magesa who is also a professor of African Theology and a compatriot of late Fr. Nyamiti told ACI Africa Wednesday, May 20.

The Nairobi based Prof. also said that Prof. Nyamiti has earned himself the title of “ancestor” having died as an old man in Africa.

He recalled how the late Prof. Nyamiti convinced him to pursue studies in African Theology in the 1970s.

“He actually drew me into African Theology,” says Fr. Magesa and recalls their meeting in the at St. Paul Senior Seminary in Tanzania, “he was just coming back from school in Europe when he met me at the Kipalapala seminary and we walked together and there he really mentioned the importance of African theology – seeing things from the African perspective.”

Source: ACIAfrica

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