Promoting Much Needed University Research – Sr. Prof. Agnes Lucy Lando (Sisters of Mary of Kakamega

“Ordinarily, teaching has always been number one in Kenyan universities, always coming ahead of research and community service,” she says and adds, “It is my prayer and hope that at the end of the three years, we will have managed to have as our core functions in the order of research, teaching and community service. So that research informs our teaching and community service. Research makes a university active. And that is our focus.”

Her passion for research, she says, is grounded in her pursuit for truth and the knowledge that the Bible is grounded on truth.

“Research is a systematic organization to a logical conclusion and pursuit for truth. Pursuit for truth is the foundation of the Bible,” Sr. Prof. Lando says, and explains, “Research is very Biblical. It starts from the Book of Genesis that highlights how God created everything in a systematic way.”

Source: ACIAfrica

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