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Psychological Care Guidelines During Lockdown

In these last few days, we have been facing a situation that, for most of us, is new and involves a major change to our routine, work, schedule, tasks, activity and mission focus. We must adapt to a reality that has been imposed on us in a relatively unexpected way which is not easy to manage; however, with a spirit of trust and confidence in the Holy Spirit, we can use this moment as an opportunity for growth and creativity.

For this reason, the Team of Religious and Priestly Life of the Clinical Unit of Psychology (UNINPSI) of the Universidad Pontificia Comillas wants to offer a simple guide with some instructions for the psychological care of the religious communities and priestly life. We hope that in this time we can continue to take care of each other responsibly –those near and far– so that everyone can feel accompanied in their medical, psychological and spiritual needs.

Source: St John Vianney Centre

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