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Pune, India: Perpetual Missionary Oath Ceremony

On the feast day of the Transfiguration of the Lord i.e. on 6th of August, two of our students Neteen Sobhapoti and Ravi Pulagam made their Perpetual Oath in the presence of Fr. Sleevaraj, the Society Representative of Mill Hill – India on behalf of the General Superior and his Councillors.

It was a joyful celebration. Due to the pandemic situation and lock downs in many parts of the country, the parents and siblings of Neteen and Ravi did not manage to travel to Pune. Moreover, we tried our best just to keep the number of guests at a minimum so as to make sure that everyone was safe without any worry of spreading the Covid19 virus. 

Fr. Sleeva in his homily urged the candidates to listen to Jesus as God the Father urged the disciples of Jesus to listen to his Son Jesus in their experience of the Lord at the transfiguration of Jesus on mount Tabor.

He further stressed that as missionaries they would not only experience moments of glory and joy as happened to the disciples of Jesus on mount Tabor but they will have to face difficulties, challenges and moments of crisis.

But he reminded them based on the chosen gospel text for the day, that they would have to be shrewd and smart as snakes and yet gentle as doves. Therefore, he called on them to be aware of such moments and learn to depend on the grace of God and grow in their discipleship of listening to Jesus in order to bear witness to their love and service to the people of God. 

On the whole, it was a simple and joyful evening where all of us enjoyed the event and had time to share a festive meal together.

Fr Thomas Venkateswarlu Yellavula MHM

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