Pune, India – Satyendra Kumar Takes Perpetual Oath

We’ve had a wonderful celebration of the Perpetual Oath (P.O.) ceremony of Satyendra Kumar. Fr. Bernie Luna, the General Councillor of our Society for Asia was the presider and the homilist for the event of P.O. ceremony. Fr. Sleevaraj, the Society Representative – India, Fr. Ravi, Fr. Paulson Pasala joined us the staff and the students of 2nd Cycle – Pune for this auspicious occasion of P.O.

Fr. Bernie in his homily reminded Satyendra Kumar and the community gathered that he too had faced many challenges and difficulties in his journey of vocational discernment. However, what helped to persevere is that each time he faced challenges, he had to remind himself of the Oath he had taken or committed to…be it temporary or perpetual oath. That no matter what the difficulties and challenges are…he would do his best to remain faithful to his Oath or commitment he made. Then he went to remind all the members present that first and foremost, we are called to be men of prayer that is what will keep us faithful to our call and persevere in every situation. Moreover, at the end of the day, what truly counts is not about what we are going to do for God but what God is going to do in and through us. For God has lavished his love upon so much that we are made children of God in and through his Jesus, our Lord. Hence, the life we have is a gift of God and what we will make of it is our gift to God.

Then the celebration was followed by a fellowship meal with all the guests invited, the family members of Satyendra, fellow members of Mill Hill.

The much-awaited celebration was indeed delightful, and the students of the Community have really made an effort to put in their best in order to make the event a memorable one for Satyendra Kumar, the Community of 2nd Cycle – Pune and for the Society at large as well.

Thomas Venkateswarlu Yellavula MHM

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