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Pune, India: Two Young Mill Hill Missionaries Ordained Deacons

On 7th of August, the new perpetual members were ordained deacons by Most. Rev. Bishop Thomas Dabre, the Bishop of the Diocese of Poona at the Divine Mercy Parish Church, Wadagaonsheri – Pune. 

Bishop Thomas Dabre began the celebration acknowledging that it was indeed a great day of joy to give thanks to God for these two young men who had come forward to serve God and his people. For the times are such that young people rarely come forward to say yes to God or hardly think that it is their call to discern the vocation to serve God.  

However, he went on to remind Neteen and Ravi that they are called to service. That’s the bottom-line of today’s celebration. Their service has to be manifested in their commitment to pray the liturgy of the hours and the commitment to live a celibate life. Because, they are not choosing a life of spinster or a bachelor but a choice to live a celibate life which is to be lived out in the loving service of the people or the community they are sent to.

Above all, he stressed the importance of their commitment to obedience. That it is not about doing what one wants or demands to be done but the willingness to be available at the service of the community discerning the will of God in and through the instrumentality of the superior/rector of the community. If not then, he said that Neteen and Ravi need not come forward to just verbally make a commitment to obedience.

Finally, he congratulated Neteen and Ravi for courageously coming forward to serve God and his people in these trying and challenging times of our modern world. 

On the whole, it was indeed an event of immense joy and profound gratitude for all that happened.

It then was followed by the sharing of a fellowship meal.

Thomas Venkateswarlu  Yellavula MHM

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