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‘Quarantune’ – Philippine Music a Balm to the Soul

Jesuit Communications, the Philippine Jesuits’ media arm, has released an online music video featuring Catholic choirs and musicians performing a composition by Father Eduardo Hontiveros, considered the father of Philippine liturgical music.

The video, called a “Quarantune” because it was made during quarantine restrictions, was produced to boost morale among Catholics in the face of the hardship and grief caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The late Jesuit priest wrote liturgical songs in Tagalog in response to the Second Vatican Council’s call for inculturation of the liturgy.

Dioceses across the country have also translated his compositions into the various dialects spoken in the Philippines for local Masses and liturgical celebrations.

Production group Jesuit Music Ministry said the project was the first collaborative effort of all choirs and musicians under their ministry. The performers included seven choirs and a group of musicians founded by the Jesuits.

Source: UCANews

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