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Red Wednesday: Focus on Women Assaulted for their Christian Faith

There are many Christian women who suffer sexual violence because they are Christian – but we don’t believe the UN quite appreciates this. There are parts of the world where religion still plays a huge role in influencing people’s behavior, both good and bad. And in numerous countries girls and women from minority faith groups find themselves particularly vulnerable to attack. We want the UN to recognize this aspect of violence against women and then take effective steps to address this. These effective steps could include improving reporting, raising awareness, reviewing laws, and actually ensuring these laws are enforced.

In the materials for last year’s International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women there was no mention of that a woman’s religion can be a reason why she’s targeted for violence. It isn’t a zero-sum game, and we are by no means saying violence against women on grounds of race or sexuality is not important. We are asking for balance and fairness and imploring the UN to do something about the women all over the world who suffer the most gruesome treatment because they are of the “wrong faith.”

Source: CRUXnow

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