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Religious Imagery: Does a Black Jesus Matter?

We began by asking: Does a black Jesus matter? Paraphrasing this, we ask again: Does a Dalit Jesus matter? Or a poor Jesus? Does a Jesus matter who asserts the place of women in his life?

Yes, it does. This is what incarnation means — Jesus is a wholly Jewish man, with a brown face and skin, a black body, Mongolian features and a Polynesian stature. Every race and culture can make him their own.

Artists know and respect this. Our mindsets should follow, giving due space to this new imagery.

While it is true that there are historical reasons for the dominance of a white Jesus, today each community wishes to assert itself proudly in its own skin, demands respect and identity, challenging the inaccuracies and inequalities  of the past.

And when this takes place everywhere and in every culture, then the prayers in our hearts will match the images in our minds.

Source: UCANews

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