12th July 2020

Religious Pluralism: Asia’s most Controversial Theological Impulse

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In large part, the concern was, and remains, the impact of such theological thinking on mission. Christianity in its essence is a missionary religion, and the final command of Christ on earth was to “go forth and make disciples of all the nations.” If Catholicism were to cede that one can be perfectly fine in the eyes of God by following another religion, therefore, many worry what incentive the Church would have to invite others to the faith.

In many ways, religious pluralism is to Asia what liberation theology is to Latin America, meaning its best-known and most controversial Catholic theological impulse. Just as Latin Americans often argue that the “option for the poor” is a natural response to their social situation, marked by chronic poverty and exclusion, Asian Catholics often insist that religious pluralism is an organic answer to being a tiny minority cheek-by-jowl with the great religious traditions of Asia.

Source: CRUX

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