Religious Sisters in Africa: The Risks of Working on the Frontline

A majority of religious sisters are working in hospitals as nurses, doctors or other hospital staff to serve patients with COVID-19. Others run schools to educate children, projects to serve individuals living in poverty, and homes to care for the elderly.

Sisters have also been active in slums and poor villages across the continent to disseminate information about the virus. Their messages, some through leaflets, have been focused on hygiene and infection prevention, including social distancing, hand-washing using soap, and wearing masks.

The nature of sisters’ work puts them at an increased risk of catching any communicable disease, including COVID-19, which has resulted in almost 30,000 deaths on the continent. As of Sept. 2, there were 1.25 million confirmed infections and 1 million recoveries, according to the Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention.

Source: Global Sisters Report

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