Remembering Diana Klein

Diana Klein was also a regular visitor to St Joseph’s College and a cherished friend of many students.

We met the White Fathers (a group of missionaries) in the late 1980’s when we became friends with several of the students and staff at St Edward’s in Totteridge. Over the next 10 years we travelled around various parts of Africa. This inspired Mom, and encouraged her to go back to college and study theology with a focus on communication and teaching. This led her to doing work as a catechist which in turn led her to working for the diocese of Westminster and ultimately as a parish practice editor for the Tablet.

She had great patience as both a listener and an editor, which gave many people assurance and self-confidence. Part of her gift as a listener, came from her own experience of being Catholic. She had at times moved away from the Church but she felt called back, and while loving her faith, she was also a critical friend of the Church, and this combination helped many others to stay within it or return to it. She initiated and contributed to discussions with both knowledge and wisdom. Finally, she loved God’s work, including his creation, and this was expressed in her love of animals and especially her own dogs. She put this to good use, not only looking after her own salukis, but also editing the Saluki owners’ newsletter.

Source: ICN

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