Remembering Fr Harry Reusen MHM

We will always follow in your footsteps

Fr. Harry Reusen might be gone, but he will never be forgotten from my heart. He will never be forgotten by the diocese of Basankusu and the members of the Society from DRC. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all family members of Fr. Harry, to the Society, the Diocese of Basankusu and all those who have been close to him.

As a child from a distance, I thought that Fr. Harry was a difficult person to deal with, because at times he could hardly smile. However, when I started being close to him, as an aspirant, I discovered how good he was. I will leave you with this memory of mine, I remember, when John Kirwan introduced me to Fr. Harry, as an aspirant, he asked me two questions, “why I would like to become a missionary and reasons which may hinder me from becoming a missionary”.  Then I said, “I always feel my voice has a problem that’s why I do not like talking in public, I always feel shy”. We spent hours with him, trying to help me to be happy and contented with my voice.

He was really a father to me, he knew how to live with people, especially the members of the Society. He was always ready to welcome people, listen to them and help them. In a sentence, I would say, Fr. Harry was a good Society Representative in DRC and pastorally oriented.

His experience for 46 years of Mission in DRC, is an encouragement to many of us who come from DRC, especially the way he endured hardships, the political crises during his time in Zaïre (DRC) and conditions in life. When I look at his life as a missionary, I feel inspired and encouraged to come out of my comfort zone and face the realities and challenges of mission.

Rest in peace dear Fr. Harry Reusen,

Patrick Lonkoy Bolengu, MHM.

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  1. For the family Reusen , the world wide Mill-Hill Society , and the
    many friends of Harry Reusen , my deep sympathy, at the death of Father
    Harry Reusen ! Also it was a shock to me personally. It brought me back
    in thoughts to the year 1967 , when we set out to Congo , by boat, the
    Albertville , from Antwerp. After weeks of travel , we finally settled
    down in the Mission of Yamboyo and later Harry was appointed to Yalisele
    mission. I have the warmest memories of our friendship en these years.

    I am so sorry , that I cannot attend the Funeral Ceremony at
    Oosterbeek ,as my visits to the Specialists, are not finished yet.

    I join you all in prayer. Harry,rest in peace, thank you for
    your friendship , receive the Eternal peace and joy from God , Who sent
    you and will be your reward : “What you did for the least of mine, you
    did to Me. ” Kees Vlaming.

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