Remembering Theo Raaijmakers MHM

 Good afternoon and good evening, Srinivas and children, my dear friends!!

 It’s a sunny day, but there are a lot of tears, a lot of dark clouds.  That’s because we only think of ourselves, well, maybe not all the time, but very often.  And there are times when we don’t think enough of ourselves.  My specialist told me I should stop smoking, so I asked, “what about electronic smoking”?  So he said, “we don’t know enough about those electronic cigarettes, so I am not going to judge about that”.  So I have continued with my electronic cigarettes until now and I enjoy it!!  He, and another specialist, also said to me, “have a whiskey “!  I haven’t had a drop of alcohol for many years, also because of all the strong painkillers I use, the opiates.  Once, they really made me sick.  But I used to have a drink almost every night, but not now.  But the doctors encourage me to have a drink and a cigarette.  They say, “don’t stop yourself from having all the pleasant things in life, like a drink or a smoke. of course, don’t exaggerate, but a drink now and again or a cigarette isn’t going to kill me.”  So, my dear friends, we have to enjoy these pleasures in life too. Nothing exaggerated of course, all within it’s limits, but I also encourage others to do the same. 

So, my dear friends, please, please, please, pray to God and ask Him to make us wise and to use whatever God gives to us.  Maybe you think I am saying stupid things, but this is what doctors tell me.  Pray for my dear brother-in-law, for my dear sister, for my youngest sister, for my dear friend Henry, for all their families, and pray with all your souls, with all your beings and with all your hearts. Let us be united in prayer and in friendship, may our prayers never stop, may our friendship last forever and ever, forever and a lifetime, all the days of our lives!!  May God almighty bless you and reward you constantly, for you are doing so many good deeds for so many of your brothers and sisters and even your enemies, you are helping others and sending them (and us) friendship as well as all our best wishes and kindest regards and lots of brotherly love!! 

Many prayers and blessings always for all of you!!  we are also praying for all of you and sending you our friendship, all our best wishes, our kindest regards and our brotherly love.    !!  More prayers and more blessings for every single one of you for you deserve them!!

 Don’t forget, please, please, please, to look after yourselves and to take care of your own health and that of the others who are near to you, who are around you!!  Support each other in every possible way!!  That’s how we can be brothers and sisters, family, friends, all united in the name of the lord our God!!

 Very soon i’ll be talking to you also about the possibilities of doing something about a place to live.  I won’t forget about it!!

 Your friend and brother always!!


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