St Joseph’s Missionary Society admits to membership all those who show a genuine love of Christ with an awareness of God at work in their lives.  They must also exhibit a spirit of generosity expressed in an interest to serve people, particular the poor, sick and others experiencing physical or spiritual need.  Potential members must have the ability to relate well to others, including people of other nationalities with a capacity for taking initiatives and for self-reliance.  They must possess leadership qualities and have an interest in the Church and in mission with a readiness to leave home and country, to go abroad on mission and a willingness to accept a life of celibacy, obedience and apostolic poverty.

Generally, those wishing to become members of the Society must exhibit good physical health and a strong moral character which is attested to by their Parish Priests and they should have the intellectual ability and educational background required to pursue a third-level course of studies in one’s own country, an adequate knowledge of English, enjoy good psychological health and emotional maturity. They must possess an aptitude for learning and acquiring new skills as well as express a desire to strengthen their personal relationship with Jesus through participation in personal and community prayer. 

Along with their application letter, the aspirants should submit the following:

a curricula vitae
an account of the story of their vocation
an account of their interest in becoming a missionary
an account of their contacts with Mill Hill
an account of their involvement with the local Church
references from the parish priest or council, a Mill Hill member, the school authorities, employer or others
baptism and confirmation certificates
a copy of school leaving certificates
a medical report of good health
a certificate attesting to the aspirants’ free state, including, where applicable,  evidence of family consent and freedom from family responsibilities.

Vocation Directors

To find out more about St Joseph’s Missionary Society and the Mill Hill Missionaries working in your region and country, please contact the Vocation Director in your respective country. Contact details are given here.