Retirement: Once a Missionary, Always a Missionary.

Once a missionary, always a missionary! The call never ceases, even in retirement homes where old missionaries live with memories of what answering the call had been. The joy and grace of past service can be reawakened and experienced in new ways.

This happened recently at what seemed an ordinary event — the retirement of one chef and the hiring of another (Jesus has taught us with food before.)

God had a new message for me and all of us retirees, living with memories of challenges conquered or lessons learned from failure and success. We are still able to dream new dreams for today’s world; we may not be physically involved, but we’re supportive in thought and prayer.

As we age and find ourselves in retirement homes, we might forget that we remain missionaries until our final breath — until something challenges us to our original fervor. Recently a new window on missionary life opened, revealing new venues of mission in familiar old settings.

Source: Global Sisters Report

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