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Roosendaal, The Netherlands: Historic Mill Hill Missionary Location Organises Exhibition


As part of the preparation for the Brederoc (artist name of Fr Kees Breed MHM) exhibition -12 September 2022- I came across a portrait of Father Cornelis Simons (+ 12-12-1934) in the exhibition of “Hemel en Aarde” (Heaven and Earth)  in the Tongerlohuys museum in Roosendaal

Here the ‘Story of Roosendaal’ was told through five figures, which connect the past with the present.

With this exhibition, the Tongerlohuys gave a look behind the monastery walls. An introduction to the monastics from Roosendaal history.

A total of five congregations came to Roosendaal between 1832 and 1905. Each congregation had its own character and organization. In their own way, each member focused on heaven by dedicating their lives to the service of God. Each chose a certain way to help and assist the people on earth in their environment, and sometimes far beyond.

The Story of the Franciscan Sisters of Charitas, the Brothers of Saint Louis, the Redemptorists, the Franciscan Sisters of Mariadal and the Mill Hill Missionaries.

Education and care were provided, both in the Netherlands and far beyond. Most activities have since been taken over by others. Care and education, aid to the developing world was continued by other organizations.

Each congregation was given its own place in the exhibition. I met Father Cornelis Simons, a missionary in Punjab and Kashmir from 1895 to 1914 and working in Tilburg, Vrijland and Roosendaal until his death in 1934.

The reason for my visit to the museum was not only to visit this exhibition, but also to prepare for next year’s Brederoc exhibition.

In the company of representatives of DMP (Dutch Master Painters) Giséla in het Veld and Bert van Gerwen, I made agreements with the management of the Museum.

Next year, paintings by Kees Breed alias Brederoc will be exhibited in the museum. The exhibition ‘In search of Brederoc, painter with a mission’ will take place from September 11(opening) to December 2022. In addition to the missionary Brederoc and his paintings, the exhibition will extensively highlight the heritage of Mill Hill.

This exhibition was supposed to have taken place from September to January this year but was postponed three times due to Corona rules.

I would like to recommend this exhibition to you.

Martien van Leeuwen mhm

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  1. Good news, Mill Hill is promoting mission again and this time in a surprising way by exhibiting paintings and the life of a missionary who struggled with his vocation; to be a missionary priest or to become a painter. He became both and used his God given talents in a wonderful way.
    Highly commended and not to be missed. So do make a point of visiting the exhibition in Roosendaal.
    Martien van Leeuwen

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