Rooting Christmas in Local Culture: Bali

I Gusti Ngurah Bagus Kumara, a parishioner in Tuka who studies inculturation in the Catholic Church of Bali, says the penjor in its original form is made of a single piece of bamboo with various ornaments representing the Hindu mythological dragons, Naga Bang Basuki and Naga Ananta Boga.

“The meaning of penjor is ‘God bestowed basuki or prosperity through the motherland — because a penjor is embedded in the soil — in the form of food for humans.’ All of God’s gifts through the motherland are ultimately for human prosperity,” he explained.

Their Hindu ancestors always put up penjor on pânampahan, the day before Galungan, Kumara said.

So even after embracing Catholicism, they did not abandon it, but “adapted this noble teaching in their life of faith, of course with several adjustments,” he added.

Source: UCANews

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