Sabah, Malaysia: Korean Missionaries Outreach

Korean missionary Father Leo Choi Sangki started the shelter out of “love for the children of Sabah” in 2016. The priests belong to a Korean missionary institute called Societas Clericalis Sanctissimae Trinitastis de Mirinae (Clerical Society of the Most Holy Trinity of Mirinae), founded in 1976 by Father Francis Xavier Tjeong.

The society is based in Mirinae (Milky Way in Korean), a Catholic holy site that holds the tombs of several Korean Catholics in Gyeonggi province. The name connects the place to an era of persecution under the Joseon dynasty when Catholics secretly visited this place. The lamplight coming from their homes in the village where they settled resembled the starlight of the Milky Way, giving it the name Mirinae.

The clerical society based in Suwon Diocese readies missionaries to work for evangelization across the world. Its members are engaged in education, hospital ministry and taking care of needy children.

Source: UCANews

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