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Sabah, Malaysia: Taking the Gospel into the Rugged Interior

At that time, Paitan was just a cluster of villages deep inside the jungles where animism was rife. The forest ranger, a Catholic, had told them about how the villagers needed a lot of help from the outside world in terms of healthcare, education and nutrition. This team was to go and assess the situation and see what needed to be done and how.

The vehicles got onto the logs, each wheel on a log, starting with the front wheels and then the back. One by one, the vehicles managed to get across without the wheels slipping off the logs and landing in the river.

On a subsequent trip to Paitan, the vehicles got stuck in the mud. “It seemed impossible,” said Lim, who was on that trip. “One of our teammates managed to get a timber truck to come to our rescue. The truck pulled our vehicle out.”

Lim said the presence of God could not have been clearer on that first exploration trip. “As the team came to the entrance of the village in Paitan, in front of them in the sky was a double rainbow.” To the team that was a sign from the Lord that he was the one leading them there.

The double rainbow became one of the ways God showed Lim and his community that they were on the right path. “Our community was started on July 31, 1983. On that day, after it was launched and when all of us walked out from the parish home, we saw a clear double rainbow in the sky. And somehow the Lord put it in our hearts that this was his way of showing us that he was with us.”

Source: UCANews

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  1. I am delighted to say that Anthony Lim and his wife were members of the Lutong Legion of Mary, when I was their chaplain, before they went to Sabah. Wonderful couple.

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