Safeguarding: African Scholars Highlight Clericalism and Patriarchy

(Sr Ngalula): “The faithful who have assimilated clericalism reproduce the same deviant behaviors of clerics when they have positions of responsibility in the Church. They also do not accuse the clerics of abuses in the Church and society, and teach that to speak badly of a cleric is a sin and an attack on the Church.”

“In the Church, there are crimes committed by Priests that are not denounced because of the laity who have assimilated clericalism and refuse to speak out,” she added during the three-day seminar, which aims to, among other things, develop a concrete response to Pope Francis’ clarion call to say “never again” to every form of abuse.

Source: ACIAfrica

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  1. Thanks Fons for the wonderful article on Safeguarding by African Scholars highlighting Clericalism and Patriarchy, it is refreshing to hear from African Theologians on Safeguarding issues and how clericalism has infested the laity to ensure the continuation of the sexual abuse of children within the church in Africa. It is interesting how Sr Ngalula identifies the problem of assimilated clericalism that reproduces the same deviant behaviours of clerics, it sounds like the laity were exploited by some of the clergy through power and poverty exploitation. I find the article encouraging as we struggle to articulate a Theology of Safeguarding. The article opens a window for the truth to enter.

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