Sarawak, Malaysia: Mission on the Move

On the 1st September 2018 I was appointed away from Lapok parish to St. Edmund Catholic Church, Limbang. I was to be the assistant priest and I was the 12th Mill Hill Missionary to be appointed to Limbang. St Edmund’s has over 60 years of history, although Limbang itself is a relatively small town. The three main language groups are Chinese, Iban and Bisaya. There are 55 Kampung attached to Limbang parish, 53 are reachable by car, the other 2 by boat. Fr Peter Huang and myself made every effort to reach the kampung as regularly as possible. I found great joy in my mission to serve God’s people and I named my mission “Active Mission” as I am a very active person. On top of the usual priestly activities, I was involved with house blessings, farm blessings, expressing God’s Word through Art, and doing online masses, a necessity in recent times.

One particular aspect of ministering in Limbang surprised me. Many People still hold on to old superstitions and practice many forms of “black magic”. I came across around 35 individuals who had experienced some sort of “black magic” attack and who were seriously damaged-ill for many years. I thank God that today they are free from all such evils. A more normal area of my work was “sick calls”. I visited many sick people while in Limbang and it was a beautiful experience to bring God’s healing Word to them.

Following on from my own interest in Art, I ran a catechesis through art program in the parish. I am happy to report that over 90 children registered for the program. I also had my own “Mill Hill team”. Three young men called James, John and Dominic, who gave their time and much effort, especially with following me to celebrate the eucharist in our many different Kampung.

After all the ups and downs I can truly say I had two great years of priestly ministry in Limbang, and I thank God for it. I now look forward to many more years of priestly ministry as Rector in my new parish of Tatau, and to working closely with my new colleague Fr Alex (a Claretian priest), who like myself comes from India. I am sure we will work closely and well together. I look forward to the future with JOY.

Fr Ravindra Babu mhm


  1. Christu, like Limbang, you are following in the footsteps of MHMs like Franz Aiarei, in Tatau. I still remember you putting me through to John Doran in South Africa from Taman Tunku. Many thanks.

  2. Michael, if memory serves me, Bert Jacobse served in Limbang before being transferred to the Baram, where he was, of course, for many years.

  3. Christu, it was a joy being with you and the people of Limbang last year (January 2020) and going right into the interior on mission with you and your team. You follow in the steps of many Mill Hill Missionaries whose legacy lives on in the memories of many people..Vaneman, Donovan, Major, Grant amongst others and now Ravindra Babu. GS

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