Season of Creation

“Listen to the voice of creation”
Gospel   4. September 2022    
Luke 14,25- 33

This year’s theme is an urgent invitation to “listen to the voice of creation”. We know all too well that we are living in a crucial time for our common home, where both climate change and biodiversity loss are already impacting the lives of many people, their livelihoods, and all life. So how do we as Christians respond to these moral, ethical, and spiritual challenges? Do we recognize that, like Moses in the story of the burning bush, we too are on “holy ground”?

– The Season of creation this year wants us to join in the praise of creation.
The whole creation in its beauty and diversity is a silent continuous praise of the greatness and love of God, a song which we mostly do not hear. What can help us become more aware of the beauty of creation around us?
Take some quiet time to slow down each day and feel, experience and connect with the awe and wonder of nature; pay attention to and care for the plants and animals around us; take a contemplative walk in a forest; take in the view with your eyes; walk barefoot through the sand or feel the grass; feel the sensations in your body; sit in the garden or in a park and smell the flowers and listen to the buzzing of the bees and the singing of the birds.

-The Gospel invites us to act with foresight. For decades we have been waging a war against nature. Do we think about the long-term cost to humanity? Can we even win this war against the forces of nature? We know the answers, but do not act on them. Jesus invites his disciples to be role models by doing what we know has to be done.

-“Walk, don’t run. Slow down, breathe deeply, and open your eyes because there’s a whole world right here within this one…   Efficiency is not God’s highest goal for your life, neither is busyness, or how many things you can get done in one day, or speed, or even success.“  Rob Bell

Source: AEFJN

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