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Season of Creation: Breathing Together

A global Ignatian prayer vigil.

It took place on the youtube channel of Jesuit Curia on September 25 at three different moments at 8 PM in Manila, 8 PM in Rome and 8.00 PM in New York in order to ensure greater outreach and to connect everyone in the world. There have been more than 15,000 views during and the following two days of the vigil. 

Today, in our wounded world, we are struggling for breath. We have disrupted the balance between God, creation and humanity, and we are experiencing the consequences of that disharmony in our changing climate.

The lungs of our world – the Amazon forest, Congo Basin and Asian boreal forests – are literally and figuratively on fire. Their people are crying out for justice.

Join the Jesuit family in prayer and action for justice.

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