Season of Creation: Make the World a Better Place

Let us fly, let us cry – for peace!
Let us scream, let us screen – for the environment!
Let’s spy, let’s dry tears – for the poor!

Emmanuel Mbeh mhm

Look around you, can you see, times are troubled, people grieve, see the violence, feel the hardness!
Let us love and boast with and for the poor!
Let us shoot or bomb others with love and peace!

Can the list end of where peace must begin –
Ukraine, Russia, Israel, Palestine, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Venezuela, Yemen, Myanmar, Ethiopia, Sudan, Cameroon, Nigeria, S Africa….?

Can the human heart where war is conceived and born,

Can the human heart and mind that only rests in peace and love,

Can the world ever saturate with violence and greed and arrogance and noise and pollution…

Can we continue to dream and dare to make the world a better place?

Can it be that it is only a matter of time before war, tragedy, catastrophe catches up with us – doom?

Can it be that it is only a matter of time before the Prince of Peace comes with salvation, judgement – the heavenly groom?

Let us curb the violence, stop the fights and wars:

Let us save the environment and help the poor,

Let us teach the children values and prayers,

Let us be compassionate and learn to empathize.

Let us try to be silent to pray and praise God – with all of creation and all the saints,

Let us learn to be humble not destroy or kill,

Let us learn from Jesus to repair and heal,

Let us bear our sufferings and grow in patience,

Let us pray for our leaders – traditional, ecclesial, political…

Make the World a Better Place!

(Emmanuel Mbeh mhm)

Make the world a better place!

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