Season of Creation: Poetic Vision


Nature means the flowers
The plants and the trees
The fish and the animals
Including ants at their ease.

Creation is different
It is all inclusive
It comprises of trees
And plants and animals of every kind
And last of all arrived humankind.

We think we are first
When in fact we were last
We must forget that notion
Forget the past.

What is important
Is the present – the NOW
That before all creatures
We kneel and we bow.

Not because they are creatures
Just like us
But because God made them
Just as He made us.

Francis was not a lover of nature
As everyone is prone to believe
Francis was a lover of creation
Of everything that God did weave.

He praised the flower before him
He loved the leper, too
He taught us to love
Everything and everyone
That God presents to you.

The humble daisy
Doesn’t look at the rose
And think …..
I wish I was like you
It sits in peace
Just doing…..
What God created it to do.

Why can’t we be like nature
Do just what it does
Be happy with who we are
Without making a fuss.

Why can’t we be
What God made us to be
Why can’t we do
What God created us to do.

May we grow into
Our true selves
In the time God gives
May we learn to accept
Everything He does.

He says to us
Through Jesus our brother
Love yourself and
Love one another
See everything and everyone
As your sister or brother.

Don’t live in the past
Don’t look to the future
Just live in the present
And be there for each other.

Written by Sister Isabel C. Kelly, FMSJ

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