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Season of Creation: The Time is Now

Easy ways to mitigate these household emissions include: switching your electricity supply to certified green provider (it took my wife only 45 minutes on line and we saved money too); stopping using your petrol or diesel car for local journeys and converting to walking, cycling, or public transport instead (great for personal fitness and reducing air pollution too). If you need a car, plan to make your next one an electric; or look at an ebike for urban commuting, local visiting or shopping. 

But beware if you are a frequent flier: your share of emissions from a single long-haul flight will likely be greater than all the savings you could make from the other activities above. Personally I lovw flying. But I know it’s time to let go of those flights to holidays in the sun, as we would that album of holiday snaps abandoned in the priority of escaping a house fire; a gutting loss, but nothing as gutting as losing the actual family or undermining the life chances of my children. 

Source: The Tablet

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