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Sindh, Pakistan – A Celebration of Life

In spite of the Covid-19 pandemic movement control, nine Mill Hill members in Sindh Pakistan were able to gather at Bishop’s House to celebrate the triple celebration of life. It was a time of thanksgiving and joy in the midst of the pandemic declared by WHO. The triple celebration of life consisted of the Feast Day of St Joseph the Patron Saint of Mill Hill Missionaries, the first Renewal of the Temporary Oath by two MEP students Conrad Yong (Cameroon) and Elvost Lunchi (Malaysia), and also the celebration of life of Fr Dennis Hartnet on his birthday.

In the morning, the members had a business session which later was followed by the Eucharistic Celebration and a lunch gathering. Among the issues which were discussed during the business session were the financial flow challenges which the local Churches in Pakistan are currently facing and also the pandemic and the ways forward in dealing with these issues.

In the Eucharistic celebration, the presider Fr Bernie Luna emphasized the element of listening and discernment following the example of Saint Joseph. Meanwhile, the MEP students expressed their gratitude foremost to God for enabling the celebration and to the other Mill Hill members for their presence and support. They are looking forward to experience more through the guidance from the experienced members. After the renewal by the temporary members, the other Mill Hill members also had their renewal of Missionary Oath as perpetual members of Saint Joseph’s Missionary Society. Later, there was a small ceremony of cake cutting during the lunch gathering for the birthday celebrant and the two MEP students who had renewed their temporary membership.

The celebration of life and renewal of oath is a sure sign of hope for the members in expressing their sincere desire in following Christ as missionaries in the midst of the  challenges and suffering in the world. The members in Sindh extended their heartfelt congratulations to all members who have made their renewals of oath as missionaries in various places of mission all over the world. Happy St. Joseph’s Feast Day to all!



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