Sindh, Pakistan: Many Families Affected by Monsoon Flooding

Furthermore, for the last few weeks, record amounts of rain have fallen in many parts of Sindh, and this has worsened the life situation of the poor families who rely on farming or on daily wages. All our Mill Hill Parishes in Hyderabad Diocese have been badly affected. It is noted that hundreds of families have been displaced. Flood waters have forced them to leave their mud walled dwellings, many of which have collapsed. Currently, so many families are seeking refuge by the roadside or canal banks where the ground is a little bit raised high.

Crops – farming as the main activity in Sindh – have been destroyed by the rains. This has contributed to the worrying situation of the life of the people, since their only hope and target in farming is now in vain.

Moreover, for the last few months, the country had been experiencing a high inflation rate that has affected the lives of the people. Many people find it challenging to have even one meal a day.

Thus, dealing with the cost of living due to the inflation rates and the current flood situation is a double struggle that demands a pastoral, social and economic response.

We are hopeful that once the level of the water subsides, the people may resume to the normal life, though this will take time for recovery. We continue to keep all the affected families in our prayers.    

Fr. Zachaeus Okoth Adet MHM

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