Sindh, Pakistan: Newly Ordained Missionary in Mission to the Peripheries

Newly Ordained Mill Hill takes up his first appointment in Sindh, Pakistan

By Edson Paguntalan MHM

Fr. Elvost Lunchi, appointed to Pakistan after finishing his studies in Nairobi, was ordained on July 22 this year in his hometown in Malaysia. As Fr. Elvost takes up his first appointment as Mill Hill Missionary, he will continue to serve the last, least and the lost in missionary discipleship.

As Mill Hill Missionaries, we go where we most need: to serve the people, build local communities, learn new experiences and respond to unfamiliar situations.

Fr. Elvost was born in Malaysia, and upon joining the Society, he did his Philosophical studies at the University of San Agustin in Iloilo, Philippines, followed by his studies for the priesthood at the Tangaza University College, Nairobi, Kenya. 

Fr. Elvost’s appointment will allow him to share his great gifts with the Kachi Kholi community in the Diocese of Hyderabad. Today, November 18, the people of the Parish welcome Fr. Elvost as he starts the good work for the glory of God. His dedication and kind-hearted spirit, together with the people, will for sure bear great things.

Let us join Fr. Elvost in prayer and best wishes as he undertakes this new ministry and throughout the years to come. 

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